America Tape and Reel is a "one stop shop" for Surface Mount, Axial and Radial services.

Our company is staffed with experienced operators who are continually trained, using the finest production equipment. We have the ability to tape a vast range of lead spacings. We also perform Lead Forming, Lead Trimming, Lead Straightening, Stripping and Ammo Packing. Our service area has expanded from Florida to encompass the rest of the U.S. Our location, near a World Class transportation hub, has allowed us to expand our services to Europe, South America and the Pacific rim. We welcome any questions and look forward to serving you!

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Need to ask specific questions? Call 888-629-6646 and we will help you pick out the best solution for your vacuum sealing application today! Amerivacs has such a strong reputation for excellent performance, they are able to offer a 1 week trial period, as well as an industry leading 2 year warranty.

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Packaging Solutions

We can now offer you our 20 years of expertise to help solve your packaging needs. We can provide bagging solutions no matter what they are... bolts, screws, golf balls, wooden dowels, bicycles and yeah, even the kitchen sink.

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