Axial Lead Taping

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We offer Axial tape and reel services. We have the ability and equipment to tape a vast range of leads spacing for all your components. We feature high speed automated machines that are able to produce LARGE production quantities; there is never a delay in your parts.

Axial Lead Taping


  • Axial Lead Taping pitches ranging from .200, .400, .600, and .800
  • Tape Spacing available from 26mm up.
  • Lead Forming
  • Lead Straightening
  • Leaf Trimming
  • Zero Lead Protrusions
  • Ammo Packing
  • Lead forming.

Surface Mount Taping

Our Final Inspection

Every part inspected as part of our three stage inspection process to ensure product quality in exceeding EIA Standards. All components are taped to the EIA Standard RS486, unless otherwise specified.


Normal turn around time is 3 working days. When needed, we will provide same day services without any additional charge.

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