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Memory Device and Flash Programming

America Tape and Reel, Inc. Offers the fastest programming ic’s services that are performed on state of the art equipment from their 1st suppliers. We specialize in programming memory and logic devices in any quantity and package type. Constant attention to detail and quality ensures your devices are correctly programmed and on time.



Capacities vary greatly by package style and part type. However, daily volumes of 25,000 pieces are programmed and labeled, for memory, logic or microcontroller.

  • EPRO M , EEPROM, FLASH,8051,68xx, 196xx,etc.
  • Pack a g e s include but are no limited to

Ability to program all manufactures

Because America Tape and Reel is not a distributor, but a programming services company, we will program devices from any manufacturer without concerns for “selling” our own product since we do not sell parts.

Custom Designed First Article (Production Sample) Process

Assures High Quality and Reproducibility in sample programming, 24 hour turn around time worst case scenario.

Quality Processes and deliver

Continuous quality monitoring ensures parts are programmed, tested and marked accurately. Our focus on local, high quality service with the fastest turn around in the industry, allows us to offer unequaled service for our customer’s needs. However, America Tape and Reel has the ability to run second shift. This always guarantees us an extra 50% capacity per day to service our customers in line down or critical situations, additional equipment will be purchased to guarantee excess capacity for our customers.

Call America Tape and Reel at 1-888-629-6646 or fill out the form below to place an order or for more information.

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