12″ x 16″ Static Shield Bags SCC1000

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Static Shield Bags SCC1000
12″ X 16″
100 Bags per Box

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12″ x 16″ Static Shield Bags SCC1000

SCC 1000 is the highest quality, but most economically priced static shielding bag available. With 40% light transparency, it allows for easy identification of the IC’s and PCB’s is designed to protect. Because the metal layer is buried between the polyester and polyethylene films, it exhibits superior durability. Its five layer construction provides excellent protection from puncture and tears.

Electrical Properties:
EMI Shielding:(Mil-B-871705C): > 10 db Between 1 & 10 GHz
Resistivity-Conductive Metal Layer (ASTM D-257): < 50 Ohms/sq. in. avg. (5X101 Ohms/sq)
Surface Resistivity (both surfaces) (ASTM D-257 @ 12% RH): < 1012 Ohms. sq. in.
Static Decay (FTMS 101C, Method 4046.1 5000 to 0 Volts): < 0.03 Seconds
Capacitive Probe Test (High Voltage Discharge)-(EIA-std 541/Appendix E-1 KV): < 20 Volts
Charge Generation-nominal (Modified incline plane Avg. nC/sq. in.):
Physical Properties:
Total Thickness: 3.0 mils
Light Transmission (ASTM D-1003-77): 40% +/- 5%
Tensile Strength (ASTM D882-83 Method A) MD: 5800 psi
TD: 6600 psi
Tear Strength (D1004-66-Notched) MD: 2.5lbs
TD: 2.0 lbs
Burst Strength (FTMS 191-C Method 5122) 50 psi
Puncture Strength (FTMS 101-C Method 2065.1) > 12 lbs
Elongation (ASTM D822-83 Method A) MD: 80%
TD: 85%
Heat Seal Strength (D-1876-72 Vertrod bar sealer/heat & dwell 5.5): > 14 lbs./in width (rm. temp)
MVTR (ASTM F-1249 @ 100°F 100 sq. in./24 hrs) 0.3 gms – nominal
OTR (ASTM D-3985/100 sq. in./24 hrs) 0.50 cc
Heat Seal Specifications:
Recommended Temperature 250-400°F
Dwell Time 0.5-3.0 seconds
Pressure 35-80 psi
Typical Seal Strength Destructive Bond
Bag Specifications:
Bag Size Tolerance +/- 1/8″
Bottom Construction Fold Over
Side Seals 3/8″

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